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Opus N°11 Manège   Grand Jeté en Manège

Created in 1967, this magnificent work differs slightly in its modelling from most of the other statuettes. This slightly rougher treatment is similar to that of Degas' dancers but the position is more stretched at its peak before the dancer releases the tension. It is Yuri Vladimirov, of the Bolshoi who inspiredwho inspired this movement in a ballet entitled "The flames of Paris" or simply "The Flames". Yuri Vladimirov spent his entire career at the Bolshoi Ballet, he retired as a dancer in 1987 and is now teacher-repetiteur.

The Times in a review (1965) said: "He dances with stunning disregard for the laws of nature and with a breathtaking mixture of bravura and bravado".

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