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Opus N°8 La Lilabella - Ecarté Double Bras sur la Pointe

Mimi Paul inspired Ghiorgio Zafiropulo to create this magnificent sculpture which exists in two versions, one with a small and the other with a large base. The one shown here has the large base with the inscribtion "LA LILABELLA". The ballerina who began her career in the Washington Ballet continued in the 60s as the prima ballerina in the New York City Ballet under the direction of Balanchine, before moving on to other companies. She was known for her elegant line and the lyricism of her interpretations.

These perfectly perceptible qualities underpin the execution of the movement. The two arms spread above the point make her seem suspended in time and space. The treatment is similar to the previous sculpture, mixing refinement and roughness so as not to distract the attention to details.

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