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Opus N°18 L'Homme et son Ame

“L`Homme et son Ame” is probably the most advanced and sophisticated piece of work by Ghiorgo Zafiropulo. The soul, as a dancer, rises to the sky, in a very elegant hold, the two elements of the pair are superimposed in an almost identical position, the front figure supported on the opposite limb to give equilibrium to the group. The continuity of line of the left leg of the dancer and the right of the ballerina, the parallelism of their thighs and the arch of their bodies, the axis and inclination of the two figures, the heads each looking upwards but in opposite directions, all this contributes to the symmetry and harmony which emanates from the couple. The work is smooth, the hands elegant and expressive, the patina transparent, unlike the other sculptures, the artist has reinforced the sensitivity of this work.

The muse here is music and it is John Sebastian Bach`s Sonata in C Minor BVW 1024 that inspired the artist. In this work the models do not reflect the personalities of the dancers but these are the medium of the soul, feminine, and the generic man, masculine, in a symbiotic union of form and structure symbolic of the spiritual elevation of the couple seen here as a single entity.

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