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Opus N°19 Paroussia Christ Triomphant

The meaning in greek of "Paroussia" is "Presence".

This work was created 1968. Christ seems to be suspended in the air perched on top of a high plexiglass cross without a superior vertical beam which enhances the perception of the supernatural. Death is at his feet, cold and impersonal, he dominates and illuminates by his raised presence despite his crucifixion. He does not suffer, he simply IS , he has overcome the ignoble death imposed by humans.

The work is simply much more worked, the tense muscles resemble those of an athlete, stretched and tortured by the pain of the circumstances. The face is not detailed but the expression of triumph and serenity can be perceived.

This is a major work of Ghiorgo Zafiropulo in which faith and spirituality infused with Eastern philosophy can be perceived. His Christ seems to levitate.

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