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Opus N°21 Pieta

Made the following year in 1969, this work summarizes the life and drama of the story of Mary.

Here too the faith and humanity of Ghiorgo Zafiropulo find their expression in a work of great evocative power and presence. Mary is just sitting, wrapped in her huge black cloak, across her knees are the earthly remains of her son. She leans to face him, hiding her infinite sadness at the fate she knew to be inevitable. Jesus Christ is spread across her knees, his huge body with joints distended by the agony of the crucifixion. His head is supported by the right hand of his mother who puts her other hand on his thigh to prevent it sliding to the ground. The two figures are modelled separately and the body of Christ slipped under his mother's arm and resting on her knees emphasize the veracity of the event. Humanty, Love, Acceptance, Mystery, the unspeakable, all are apparent in this work of remarkable aesthetic quality. The patina is black, the colour of mourning.


Preperatory drawing by Ghiorgo Zafiropulo, charcoal on paper, 15cm times 20cm

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