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Opus N°22 Desolata

Echoing the same theme as the “Pietà”, Ghiorgo Zafiropulo created in the same year a descent from the cross which he called “Desolata” in which Mary recovers the earthly remains of her son. It is a “bas relief” and not a three dimensional sculpture. The top of the work is defined by the horizontal beam of the cross, while the upright is based on a simple mound at the centre bottom. Mary, standing, gathers up the haloed Christ and carries him in her arms. The similarity and symmetry of the bodies evoke their tragic fate.The patina is a clear bronze colour. This bas relief can be an object of devotion, such as an icon. It was also used as a tabernacle door in a chapel.


Preparatory drawing by Ghiorgo Zafiropulo, ink and charcoal on paper, 20cm times 15cm

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