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Opus N°25 Variations sur l'Heptaèdre

Returning to his knowledge of spirituality, antiquity and cosmology, this work is unique amongst his art pieces. Consisting of a pair of seven sided vases where each of the sides is a pentagon. The vessels differ in the upper surfaces, the geometric junction with the neck are isosceles triangles positioned differently on each vase.

Constantly used in the Indo-European languages, the number 7 is often associated with a magic significance and with the golden number. There are also the similar dodecahedron's pentagons. The reference to antiquity is accentuated by the “green Etruscan” patina on them.

These two vases that look identical but actually vary, have the same number of triangles, form a beautiful whole and could only have been created by a scientifically or geometrically minded spirit. They were made in 1991 at which time Ghiorgo was 81 years old and show that he had lost none of his creativity.

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