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Opus N°6 Sur le Coup de Pied

This work, created in 1964, represents André Prokovsky in a ballet produced by the New York City Ballet.

Born in Paris in 1939 of Russian immigrant parents, he soon joined the Comédie Francaise to train in his profession. Afterwards he danced in various ballet companies before joining the London Festival Ballet in 1956. Despite a rather stocky physique he developed an astonishing virtuosity in his pirouettes. He returned to Paris in 1960 in the Grand Ballet du Marquis de Cuevas. In 1963 he was invited by George Balanchine to join the New York City Ballet where he remained for 24 years as a principle dancer. It is therefore understandable why this work was completed immediately after "Hommage à Balanchine". He died in South of France, Augist 2009.

The power and agility of the dancer terminating his pirouette "Sur le Coup de Pied" are very skillfully represented. One perceives the perfect positioning of the body in the large blouse with puffed sleeves whose folds still retain signs of the movement; the tension in the thigh muscles, the positioning of the head, the arms and hands all integrated in the moment before the heel returns to its support on the ground. One recognizes the anatomy of the dancer.

Green oxidized patina gives relief and accentuates the vivacity of the subject.

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