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Opus N°7 Die Lanserin - Attitude Croisée Devant

His first representation of a female dancer, Ghiorgo Zafiropulo created this work in 1965. Curiously, the name "Die Lanserin" is not inspired by the dancer, Kay Mazzo, who it represents but by the place where he was living, the village of Lans in the Austrian Tirol. Kay Mazzo, after studying at the school of American Ballet, returned to the New York City Ballet in 1961 and became prima ballerina in 1965. She is currently co-chairperson of the faculty School of American Ballet (SAB).

This work, of which there are two versions (A and B),in which the heads are pointed in different directions, can be compared to his next work, "La Lillabella" which he completed the following year. The similarity of the two works is shown in the anatomy of the models. The atitude "en dehors" pushed to extreme, is characteristic of the Balanchine  method, whereby the equilibrium on the point is achieved by the backward tilt of the body which balances the leg in the air. The grace of the ballerina is magnified by the perfectly smooth and refined treatment of the body and limbs where the tension of the muscles and tendons is noticeable but the hands, feet and face are just suggested by their positions.

"After receiving a letter from from Marina Lafon with a picture of myself dancing and a sculpture by Ghiorgo Zafiropulo I was so happy.

The picture is not a pose from a Balanchine ballet. but it was taken while I was dancing in the company. It reminded me of the privilege I had of dancing for one of the 20th century most renowned choreographers.

The statue will always be a reminder of the movement and genius of Mr. Balanchine and the great joy which his ballets are still bringing to the world.

I am very grateful to Mr. Zafiropulo for capturing that special time."


                                                                                                                                                                            Kay Mazzo

                                                                                                            Co-Chairman of Faculty at the school of American Ballet

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